Sports facilities are checked on arrival for any dangers which may cause accident or injury, and are dealt with or skating may be cancelled.

When making the important decision that your child is mature and well behaved enough to be allowed to attend a public event on their own, please ensure that they have a means to contact home should a problem arise.

As a last resort the Sports Centre Management have a phone in the office, please ensure that your child knows your contact number. The Red Rose Team organise this public event, however you have responsibility for your own child.

To ensure the safety of all, please note:

  • NO arguing or disrespecting the volunteer staff – this will result in an immediate ban
  • DO NOT deliberately damage the premises or equipment – this will result in an immediate ban
  • NO speed skating.
  • NO tigging or chasing.
  • NO deliberate tripping or pulling down another skater.
  • NO pulling on the nets.
  • NO stopping in a group which hinders the flow of traffic.
  • NO skating against the flow of traffic.
  • NO eating or drinking on the skating floor
  • NO skating on the corridor ramp.
  • NO opening the fire door.
  • DO NOT congregate by the vending machines
  • NO girls in the boys changing room and NO boys in the girls changing room
  • NO bullying, including social media
  • WAIT patiently for skate distribution and shoe distribution NO queue jumping.
  • NO congregating outside the building, children to wait inside the building if being collected.
  • Strictly no alcohol or drugs.

PLEASE wait patiently for skate distribution. Deliberate failure to comply with the above will result in a ‘Time Out’ (usually 5 or 10 minutes). Repeated occurrences of the above will result in an immediate ban of 1 or 3 weeks.

Continued failure to comply with the rules or back chat to the staff will result in permanent ban. If you see something dangerous, then please inform an attendant immediately. In the event of a fire alarm, please leave the building immediately and assemble on the main car park. Your shoes and belongings can be retrieved later.

THE Red Rose Team would like to make your skating experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Thank you for your support.