Rules for coached sessions:

  • Girls – Skating dresses with tights, training skirts with appropriate tops, leggings with appropriate tops. Sports bras to be covered by a long vest top or T shirt.
  • Boys – Trousers/ pants / sports leggings with vest top or T Shirt.
  • Only Coaches open fire doors.
  • Do not go upstairs at Smithills with skates on.
  • Give way to skaters doing programs, become familiar with each skater’s music so that you know who to give way to, whilst still training yourself.
  • No congregating whilst programs are on in a way that would hamper a skater.
  • Respect other skaters, do not show anger if a skater is accidently in your way. If the problem persists, report it to a coach.
  • Do not argue, disrespect or undermine a coach. The Coaches word is final.
  • No phones except for emergency or training purposes.
  • Whilst Coaches endeavour to satisfy skaters requests regarding music, the Coaches decision is final.
  • The Coaches decide who is in duos and teams, the Coaches decision is final.
  • Skating at another club without first consulting and getting permission from a Red Rose Coach will result in cancellation of Red Rose membership.
  • Knowingly breaking a rule will result in appropriate action at the discretion of the committee.
  • Safeguarding issues will be reported to and investigated by the Safeguarding Officer.

For further clarification on Artistic Regulations, please read the World Skate Rule Book.

Thank you team.