Accidents and Injuries

Sports facilities are checked on arrival for any dangers which may cause accident or injury. Dealt with or skating cancelled.

If an injury, accident or dangerous incident occurs; notification to Paula Callaghan who investigates and keeps computer generated records (using guidelines from Local Education Policy)

If the occurrence is due to conditions at sporting facility, this is immediately reported to facility staff that have their own accident reporting and management system.

Turton Sports centre automatically fill in their own accident report form out if an ice pack is asked for.

Minor falls, bumps and bruising occur regularly due to the nature of the sport and are not usually an issue.

Skaters can wear protective clothing if they choose to, and positively encouraged to do so if learning Free Skating (jumps and spins) or if they have had an injury which requires such protection.

All skaters are encouraged to warm up prior to exercise and drink fluids to prevent dehydration.